Thursday, May 16, 2013

the D.L. Simmons experience

"I use my personal experiences as a lens to explore cultural context and develop visual concepts as metaphor. When the objects and images from out everyday lives mingle with the nuances of memory and forgetting, the familiar becomes saturated with multiple layers of meaning from the seemingly mundane to the larger-than-life metaphorical significance."
 ~D.L. Simmons

It was such a treat to have print maker D.L. Simmons join us for a two-day tour de force. There was just something about his youthful energy, southern twang, and membership to multiple Mason groups that made his print demonstrations that much more captivating.
            Strictly visually speaking, I was not that crazy about the work he produced. In the examples he shared with our class, it seemed that Simmons stuck to a familiar army camo-esque color palette. His subject matter also doesn’t stray far from the familiar – that is, images of or relating to his family. Despite these things, however, I loved the adventurous spirit that drove his creativity. I particularly appreciated having the opportunity to view his work up close and in person. There’s an amazing dimensionality to his work that photos cannot capture. His use of various processes, layers, and coat textures work harmoniously to create strong, mysterious, and exciting work.

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