Wednesday, April 23, 2014

yet another cat video

 "If a work of art is successful, it will invariably set its sights beyond its mere presence in space: it will be an open dialogue, discussion, and that form of inter-human negotiation that Marcel Duchamp called 'the coefficient of art', which is a temporal process, being played out here and now."
~Nicolas Bourriaud, Relational Aesthetics

Cats are a universal language, and a universal art.

 No, seriously, think about it. Cats are hilarious, and since the dawn of lolcats, the internet has been the strongest forum for sharing funny cat pictures and videos. If we consider Bourriaud's definition of "successful art," then the mass spread of cat memes marks one of the most successful art movements of our time. Cats transcend time and medium; each time someone sends a cat picture, shows a friend a cat video, or quotes a cat meme, they are creating relational art. 

I offer yet another cat video to the countless others in an effort to further this great contemporary art movement.



  1. This video is hilarious, but you also provide an interesting insight. It would be totally awesome if you did an even grander piece emphasizing the societal significance of cats.

  2. I had to admit that this is really cute. all I could think about after watching this video is to have a cat! I absolutely loved that you have chosen cat as "medium", like you suggested it really transcends through time and culture as an form of art, I have seen it in many Japanese literature and pop culture too.