Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Charlotte Moorman

"I am a sculpture and not a concert" 
~ Charlotte Moorman
Charlotte Moorman, performing Nam June Paik's "TV Cello"
Classically trained, Moorman first became exposed to Avant Garde art when a colleague of hers at the Julliard School suggested she perform composer John Cage's "26 Minutes, 1.499 Seconds for a String Player." From there, she became enticed with the Avant Garde art scene, with a particular interest in mixed-media performance art. Moorman met her creative match when she began collaborationg with performance artist Nam June Paik. The two put on a number of ground-breaking works, including "Opera Sextronique," a peice that made history for Moorman's topless performance, and her subsequent arrest on a count of public indecency. Additional noteworthy performances include:

-"Concerto for TV Cello and Videotapes"
-"The Chocolate Cello"
-"Sky Kiss" 
-"TV Bra for Living Sculpture" - featured below

Charlotte Moorman was also responsible for establishing the New York Avant Garde Festival, an annual event that functioned as a platform for experimental artists. Moorman herself participated in the event, which ran for nearly twenty years


  1. What an intense photograph. It is as if she is "playing" media in the sense that she has the public and the portrayal of her image in the palm of her hand.

    This may not be the intention of this picture/work. It is just what I thought of immediately.

    I am also curious what is playing on the TVs

  2. Charlotte seems like an awesome person. I think you did a really good job of giving us an insight as to who she was, and your videos added a lot to your presentation. I liked the prezi idea too!

  3. I feel that this image really explains Charlotte Moorman. The intensity and ability mixed with outlandishness, it is her.

  4. EMMA I toats me goats am In love with this woman in many ways! LOVE her piece on up ! Great presentation I really liked the software usage, I feel you did well in conveying Mc Luhan's intentions.